‘Yanti, over de reis van haar leven’ written by Haryanti Frateur and published by Studio Sesam

The story was written for CANTANIA - Schaduwkind (music by Jan Van Outryve) and later transformed in a poetic book were I made the illustrations for.

You can buy the book here: https://www.studiosesam.be/product/yanti-reis-leven/

The Dutch kamishibai version: https://www.studiosesam.be/product/kamishibai-yanti-over-de-reis-van-haar-leven/

I also give lectures: https://www.auteurslezingen.be/author/23007


 ‘Mmmm, toch wel lekker’ is my first book. Written by Azmi Latif and published by Studio Sesam

Together with 16 authors and illustrators we worked on a series of diverse books in a year long project.

You can buy the book here: https://www.studiosesam.be/product/mmmm-toch-wel-lekker-bezoek-op-vier-poten/

( on the other side there is an other story: ‘Bezoek op vier poten’ by Sophia Honggokoesoemo and AnneMarthe Zomer )